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Here at H & G Unlimited, we have dedicated themselves to our community of [CIty}, GA with the sole intent of being the only handyman you will ever need. We offer a wide array of services from plumbing repairs to basic work detail. If your ever in need of a company with a specialty as a carpenter look no further than us. Do you need some new tile or electrical repairs? If so feel free to call us today at (404) 246-9657 for a free quote!!


Our flooring services span a wide type of flooring types. Looking for carpentry repair? Our professional carpet installer will work with you to satisfy your needs. While our carpet installation is in a league all it’s own. Our tile installation is not to bad either and might be worth a double take. For all of your flooring need. We hope you will contact us soon.


Alongside our general repair services our professional in-house painter is a master of their craft. Weather you want an custom interior painting job to really put the gusto in a new home addition we are the ones to call. Has your house lost its luster or sheen? Our exterior painting expert will be out there in a jiffy to make it how you want it. If you just had a wood floor installation service done and want an idea of what color would complement it perfectly, feel free to just send us a message. Want to know more? Feel free to contact H & G Unlimited of Atlanta, and GA at (404) 246-9657 now!




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